First Quarter GDP Disappointment May Lead to More Fed Easy Money.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. That’s Dr. Bernanke and the tepid gains in first-quarter gross domestic product released on Friday. The estimated 2.2% growth the economy squeezed out in the first three months of this year obviously won’t set any worlds on fire, since it … Read More »


Money Managers See Market Rising Through 2012 Year-End.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Color America’s money managers cautiously optimistic about the stock market’s prospects in the year ahead. Corporations generally are in fine financial health; Europe’s problems seem more manageable than they did just a few months ago; and near-zero interest rates have done much to burnish the … Read More »


Student Debt in the U.S. is Ramping up!

Posted by Mark Pettinga

You don’t need a Ph.D. in math to know that student-loan debt is compounding at an alarming rate. In the last six weeks alone, two new government reports have detailed the growing student debt burden, which has no doubt contributed to the weak economic recovery … Read More »


A Minor Selling Squall

Posted by Mark Pettinga

It isn’t wholly incidental that we call news articles “stories.” They arrange facts and inferences into tidy narratives, headlined with assertions. And so, the front page of this past Thursday’s Wall Street Journal offered “Markets Fear End of Stimulus.”

Maybe they do. But this was … Read More »


A Few Possibilities Regarding the 2012 Election Season

Posted by Mark Pettinga

If President Obama hangs onto his job in November, the thrill of his victory will be short-lived: Barron’s predicts that Republicans will wrest control of the Senate from the Democrats, who’ve led the chamber since 2006, and that the GOP will strengthen its hold on the House. … Read More »