Are States At Risk of Bankruptcy?

Posted by Mark Pettinga

States have long been considered the best group of issuers in the municipal bond market, thanks to modest debt levels and ample taxing power. That’s still the case, though many states, including Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey and Hawaii, are bedeviled by large unfunded pension liabilities … Read More »


High Yield, High Risk

Posted by Mark Pettinga

IF YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE UNEASY INVESTORS on the lookout for the next bubble that may go splat — a recent commentary by Stephanie Pomboy rates more than a quickie glance. Stephanie is the main maven of MacroMavens and a keen-eyed bubble spotter from way back.

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The Market Moves Higher Despite the Wall of Worry.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

A description of this summer’s stock-market climb might go like this: A low-volume rally shadowed by economic uncertainty and deeply indebted to the sensible popularity of defensive dividend stocks.

It’s a passable rendering of the 10-week, 10% rebound that has carried the S&P 500 to … Read More »


Friday Jobs Report Must Be Viewed In light of Total Picture.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

The July employment report, which showed nonfarm payrolls weighing in with 163,000 additions, up from the previous month’s 64,000 new slots, was much better than anticipated. It was certainly much better than what the Wall Street guesstimaters were looking for with their fingers crossed — … Read More »