The Echo Boom Or Millenial Generation Impact.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Widely dismissed as a lost generation with few job prospects, towering student loans, and a bleak future, the so-called Millennials, most of whom have reached adulthood since 2000, could surprise America and the world in coming years with their economic might and spending power.

Industries … Read More »


Is Deflation Around The Bend?

Posted by Mark Pettinga

The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its worst daily loss of the year, a 266-point plunge on Monday.  That was followed by one of the year’s best gains for the Dow, a 158-point pop. That would prove the high point for the week, however, as … Read More »


Gold’s Glitter Is Fading.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Gold posted its biggest one-day percentage drop in 30 years Monday as new signs of a global economic slowdown emerged and fears diminished that central banks’ easy-money policies would stoke inflation.

Gold futures for April delivery fell $140.40, or 9.4%, Monday to a two-year low … Read More »


Mixed Data Keeps Stocks Flat for the Week

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Small-company stocks took it on the chin last week, dropping 3% in their worst showing since June. It’s a slightly ominous sign, as the performance of riskier smaller stocks is often seen as a harbinger for the rest of the market. But the selloff wasn’t … Read More »


Whew, What a First Quarter.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

2013 got off to a scary start as we seemed about to hurtle over the fiscal cliff — only to avoid crashing into the abyss in the wee hours of New Year’s Day. Then came sequestration on March 1, a term few could define let … Read More »