Should Investors Sell In May and Go Away in 2013?

Posted by Mark Pettinga

For months, investors have yearned for a correction so they can catch up to the stock market’s runaway rally. Yet when stocks, bonds, and commodities began selling off recently, investors suddenly were not so sure: Interest rates spiked too sharply; emerging markets are reeling; and … Read More »


China’s Economy Faces an Uncertain Future.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Of all the global economic powers, China would seem the most immune to the threat of a financial crisis.

But appearances can be deceiving, especially in China. Skeptics always have insisted that China’s economic numbers paint too rosy a picture. Now those statistics show a … Read More »


Are We Returning To The Old Normal?

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Withdrawal symptoms worsen the stronger the drug and the longer the period of abuse. So it isn’t surprising that the mere idea of a reduced dose in our monetary medicine — which has already injected $12 trillion into global economies, and held half the world’s … Read More »


Jobs Recovery Still a Year Away

Posted by Mark Pettinga

If we extrapolate based on recent progress, one key indicator of recovery is now just 12 months away. According to the employment report for May released Friday, nonfarm payroll employment in the private sector rose by an average of 163,000 over the past three months, … Read More »