Are Stocks Too Expensive Now?

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Earlier this month, market watchers at publications like The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s questioned whether the stock market was overvalued. Some would argue that their concerns were validated last week when equities began to sell-off.

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Lower Profit Estimates For Balance of 2013 Make Market Look Fully Valued.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Despite high expectations for earnings growth at the start of the year, U.S. companies delivered only ho-hum results for the second quarter, and estimates for the current quarter are plummeting. Downward revisions of fourth-quarter estimates can’t be far behind.

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Bracing for the Next U.S. Recession

Posted by Mark Pettinga

David A. Levy sees more trouble looming for the American economy. 

Barron’sSo, you just don’t believe the economy is improving?

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