When Will The U.S. Government Run Out Of Money?

Posted by Mark Pettinga

A report published by one of the nation’s most credible agencies warns that the U.S. could face economic disaster within 25 years due to excessive government spending.  Obamacare is part of the problem, but so are Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. The cost of these … Read More »


Likely Government Shutdown May Impair The Markets.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Move over President Obama: It’s House Republican Speaker John Boehner’s turn to demonstrate that he can’t govern. Boehner, bending to pressure from his party’s brawling Tea Party wing, is pursuing a high-wire fiscal strategy that could result in a government shutdown in a few weeks, … Read More »


Federal Reserve, China and Vladimir Putin Push Markets.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

AT THE FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of perhaps the greatest challenge faced by capitalist economies since the 1930s, it might shock erstwhile Cold Warriors that the Dow enjoyed its best week since New Year’s Day, in large part because of Russia and China.

Data from the latter … Read More »


Weekly Investment Commentary – BlackRock, September 9, 2013

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Market Volatility Rises Amid Uncertainty

Over the past few weeks, we have seen market volatility rise noticeably, and

last week both stock market and bond market volatility advanced to two-month

highs. Although most of the recent economic data has been pointing to … Read More »


Second Quarter GDP Revised Higher…GDP Growth Accelerating.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Exports grew at the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of 2010, pushing July’s GDP figure higher and bringing the revised estimate more in line with monetary policymakers’ expectations. The Federal Reserve will have much to think about as it considers potential policy changes during … Read More »