Future Economic Growth Projected to Slow

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Within a few weeks congressional Republicans and Democrats will again square off over how much the U.S. government should tax and spend, possibly for years to come if a “Grand Bargain” is ever reached. But looming over this debate is a stark reality that U.S. … Read More »


Investment Managers Expect Stock Market Gains to Continue.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Markets cheered the news last week that Congress had finally come to its senses, or what passes for the same, in reaching a deal to lift the U.S. debt ceiling and send government workers back to their posts. The Dow rallied 1.4% on Wednesday, and … Read More »


Will Republicans and the White House Reach A Deal On The Federal Debt Ceiling?

Posted by Mark Pettinga

The stock market moved significantly higher last Thursday, boosting the averages to the largest one-day gain of the year on hopes the House Republicans would agree to a plan for funding the Federal government. In fact, we won’t know if a deal can be reached until midweek, as Republicans … Read More »


How to Navigate Today’s Bond Market

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Bond investing has never been more difficult, but not for the reasons most investors think.

Yes, the search for yield is still a daunting one. And yes, in that search for yield many investors took on too much credit risk — the risk of a … Read More »