Fed Announces Another Round of Tapering Its Bond Buying

Posted by Mark Pettinga

The only surprise about the Federal Reserve’s decision to taper its bond-buying program by another $10 billion a month is that anybody was surprised. That doesn’t mean the markets took it well.

Stocks sold off around the globe Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average … Read More »


Jobs Data Weakens Market Last Week.

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Stocks rose last week, undeterred for the most part by surprisingly weak jobs data Friday. Large-company stocks, however, ended slightly lower.

A less-than-notable week of trading was enlivened Friday morning when the Labor Department said December payrolls rose 74,000, substantially below investor expectations of about … Read More »


Economic Recovery May Heat Up in 2014

Posted by Mark Pettinga

The economic expansion that began 4½ years ago has been one of the slowest on record by virtually any measure. We all know that. But just how much slower might still be underappreciated. In every previous expansion since 1949 that ran at least two years—10 … Read More »