Fed Flags Midyear Rate Hike—Or Later

Posted by Mark Pettinga

By  Jon Hilsenrath

The Wall Street Journal  The Federal Reserve signaled it would keep short-term interest rates near zero at least until midyear, while also setting the stage for tough decisions in the coming weeks about whether it should wait even … Read More »


Why the Stock Market Will Keep Climbing

Posted by Mark Pettinga

After a strong five-year run, the bull could slow down in 2015, if history is any guide, but it will probably continue to deliver gains over the next five.

U.S. stocks returned 12.5% last year, including reinvested dividends—well above the long-term … Read More »


Jeffrey Gundlach’s Surprising Forecast

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Per usual, Gundlach has an idiosyncratic view of where markets are headed in 2015. Like virtually everyone, he expects the Federal Reserve to begin raising the federal-funds rate this year, but he predicts that the impact will be the opposite of the conventional … Read More »