Typhoon of Fear Roils Bonds, Too

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Even for those fortunate to be on holiday during these lush, languid days in late August, the reality of the turbulence in the markets has intruded rudely. The massive plunge in global equities, which sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average hurtling down 1,000 points briefly … Read More »


Emerging Markets Lead the Plunge

Posted by Mark Pettinga

The world’s travails last week beset the financial markets seemingly as never before. And if there was any doubt, the U.S. stock market gave credence to the observation that what happens in emerging markets doesn’t stay in emerging markets.

EM, as emerging markets familiarly are … Read More »


Why There’s Life in an Aging Bull Market

Posted by Mark Pettinga

With stocks going nowhere fast, new fears have emerged suggesting the bull market’s days may be numbered. The reason: Just a handful of stocks, including, Walt Disney , and Gilead Sciences have been responsible for the marginal gains … Read More »