10 Reasons to Fear the Bull Market

Posted by Mark Pettinga

As the market grinds higher, we continue to see elevated risk of correction…

Valuations: US stocks look expensive vs. history on most metrics, although we recognize that valuation is not a great timing indicator.

Positioning: Investors aren’t as bearishly positioned as they may … Read More »


How High is High For The Stock Market?

Posted by Mark Pettinga

All three major U.S. indexes hit highs simultaneously on Thursday, the first time that has happened since Dec. 31, 1999, during the dot-com boom. (The Nasdaq did it again on Friday.) That era seems a long time ago in a galaxy far away. Today’s market … Read More »


Bears: Gross, Gundlach Fear a Rout

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Just in the past week, Bill Gross, who these days heads the Janus Unconstrained Bond fund (ticker: JUCTX), declared that he doesn’t like bonds and doesn’t like stocks. That followed the advice to “sell everything” from Jeffrey Gundlach, head of DoubleLine Capital, warning that … Read More »