Dovish Yellen Spurs Markets to Soar


Dovish Yellen Spurs Markets to Soar

Posted by Mark Pettinga

U.S. stocks climbed to another record close on Friday, driven by continued prospects of low interest rates and by strong second-quarter corporate earnings reports, particularly from the banks.

The main force behind the rally was the dovish performance by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen in … Read More »


Stocks Threatened by Looming End of Low Rates

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Last week Ray Dalio, head of the Bridgewater mega-hedge funds, declared that the era in which central banks drove interest rates to zero and created boatloads of liquidity is coming to an end. Their activity pushed up asset prices and drove nominal interest rates below … Read More »


Jeffrey Gundlach: Bet on Emerging Markets

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but value is a more objective attribute, at least as it concerns investing.

Now, some investors are contemplating a bold emerging market trade after Jeffrey Gundlach, the head of DoubleLine … Read More »


Reflation moderation

Posted by Mark Pettinga

The “reflation trade” that began in late 2016 has lost steam. Russ discusses what comes next.

Back in late 2016 it seemed terribly simple. Growth and inflation would rise on the back of U.S. fiscal stimulus. Investors would buy cyclical companies, particularly U.S. small … Read More »


Q2 2017 Outlook Implementation Guide

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Key themes

Broadening reflation: Spreading global reflation has driven a long-awaited rebound in global corporate earnings, with the sharpest recoveries seen outside the U.S. This also helps to reinforce our view that bond yields may be poised to rise, although there are limits to … Read More »