Investment Recommendations

Using your personal asset allocation as the road map, we prepare an investment game plan for us to follow as we make investment decisions. This document allows you to review in depth our recommendations and rationale for investment decisions.

Your investment strategy reflects the objectives you provide us during consultation. You may revisit these objectives at any time. Alternatively, should your circumstances change, we will prepare a modified asset allocation accordingly to keep your investment strategy current with your goals.


Implementing Your Investments

With your agreement, we typically implement our recommendations, through a brokerage firm, such as Charles Schwab.

We invest your assets primarily in no-load mutual funds. (Mutual funds charge an investment management fee disclosed in their prospectus. Brokerage firms may charge a transaction fee on some mutual fund purchases.)

In some cases, we purchase stocks and bonds through a brokerage. Although the brokerage firm typically charges a fee for such trades, Pettinga Financial receives no compensation from asset purchases or sales.