Terrorism and the Markets

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Given the loss of life in the Paris attacks, the effect on markets may seem surprising. American stock indexes rallied during the week, as did most European and Asian bourses. Far more attention is being paid to the expected boost in the federal-funds rate by … Read More »


Economists Overwhelmingly Expect Fed to Raise Interest Rates in December

Posted by Mark Pettinga

There is near-unanimous agreement among private forecasters surveyed that the Federal Reserve will begin raising short-term interest rates next month after holding them near zero for seven years.

About 92% of the business and academic economists polled by The Wall Street Journal in recent days … Read More »


Fed ‘Liftoff’ Will Be More Like A Kite than A Rocket Ship

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Now that it’s looking increasingly likely that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates at its mid-December meeting, the term “liftoff” is becoming a lot more common in financial conversations.

But the kind of liftoff the Fed is trying to engineer will be more … Read More »


Stock Market May Call Tune on Rates

Posted by Mark Pettinga

Last week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting was notable for a statement widely considered hawkish—hawkish enough that investors are now convinced there’s about a 50-50 chance that Yellen & Co. could pull the trigger at the panel’s December meeting. That’s an enormous about-face from September, … Read More »